Visible Cabin Components

Small Assemblies

A320, A330, A350, A380

We produce plastic components and compact them into assemblies. Both adhesive bonding and ultrasonic welding processes are used. In addition to purely technical assemblies, we also offer the installation of electrical components, which we buy in and integrate into the assemblies.

The Door Closing Tool was developed as an aid so that even smaller crew members can close wide-opening overhead bins, such as those installed in the A320 Airspace cabin. It consists of two components, the handle itself made of a hard plastic and the friction surface made of a kind of rubber, to ensure a good grip on the contact surface and not to damage the contact surface.

The Door Closing Tool is stored in a bag, which is attached to a side wall of the bin. Both components are manufactured at EIS and delivered individually or as an assembly.

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Window Frames

A320, 777X

We produce window assemblies for various aircraft types and manufacturers. We can either supply individual components, which we refine by painting or coating according to the customer’s wishes. We also offer assembly of the subassemblies and integrate purchased parts, such as self-darkening panes or opaque screens.

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A320, A330, A350

The production of PSU panels has been part of our production program for many years. Characteristic for these products are the sophisticated visible sides of the components on the back of which there are numerous fastening elements. We find the best product design for our customers in order to achieve maximum functionality with the lowest possible weight. We also offer the assembly of complete assemblies, if desired with the purchase of all electrical components and assembly materials.

Seat Parts

Cross Programs

For aircraft seat manufacturers, we are a reliable supplier of all plastic injection molding components used in large quantities. We have a special focus on armrests, for which we offer the complete development (design, calculation, verification) according to a specification and subsequently produce the components. The armrests typically consist of a load-bearing base structure and an armcap that includes a soft component to provide the passenger with the best possible comfort.

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