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We can offer the complete range of plastic parts in various certified high temperature and fibre reinforced materials.
Our speciality is the redesign of metallic structures into plastic parts reducing both weight and cost.

We focus on both single parts and assemblies including surface treatments like painting/coating.
In addition, we identify potentials for cost and weight reduction and include that into the products.

Cabin Divider

Curtain Systems

The Header-Panel can either be manufactured in our IP-protected shell design-structure in order to accomplish a weight optimized product or with honeycomb-panels securing the best weight-to-cost ratio.
We can realize view- and light-tight Header-Panel in a straight or joggled design.

Furthermore,  we are able to integrate individual options as signs or airflow into the Header-Panel.
In addition to the Header-Panel, which is one of our standard-products, we also deliver suitable curtains from Eco to VIP quality. As an option, noise reduction and light-tightness is supported by the fabric.

Curtain Crew Rest Compartments

The Curtain Crew Rest Compartment is a separation of seats in Eco- or Business-Class to create a space for both cockpit and cabin crew to rest.
The advantage of a curtain solution is, that it can be removed if not needed on short haul flights.

The Curtain Crew Rest Compartment structure will be manufactured in our IP-protected shell design in order to accomplish a weight optimized product and to guarantee the opportunity to offer all specific geometrics of the desired structure.
In addition, we can realize a view- and light-tight design with a curtain absorbing cabin sounds.

Partitions/Windscreens & Suspended Partitions/Transparent Curtain

We focus on special Partitions in straight or joggled design for both line fit and aftermarket.
Besides standard provisions for equipment, we include large transparent panels into the Partition. Illumination, shading and logos can be integrated as an option.

In contrast to the rigid Partitions, the Suspended Transparent Partition creates a separation in a light way.
Without losing any leg-space for the passengers, it is both class divider and design element in the cabin.
In addition, it offers an unrivalled low weight.

Cabin Components


Our experienced employees are able to offer stowages like doghouses, wardrobes, dry galleys or special solutions like mission modules and electronic racks.
Our capabilities cover the design, production  and repair of  wall-, floor- and ceiling- mounted stowages.

In addition, we also offer soft stowage solutions like pouches and boxes.
We also support redesign of existing products identifying potentials for cost and weight reduction. These will be included in the new design.

CAS Moving Adapter

The CAS Moving-Adapter is an element in the smart lavatory concept to fix the cabin attendant seat on an articulated platform.
This concept allows the airlines to install an additional seat row as the cabin attendant seat is fixed to the galley during taxi, take-off and landing. Whilst in flight, the CAS is parked between the lavatory and the galley.

The CAS Moving-Adapter is a structural composite part, which hosts a latching system to fix the adapter in front of a galley.
As it is articulated to be turned by 270°, the hinges include a slip-ring to connect both signal and power routes.
Being a design and build project, E.I.S. Aircraft designed the structural as well as the electrical parts.

Emergency Equipment

We have various solutions to fix emergency equipment in the cabin. The idea is to have standardised interfaces to the monuments and the variation of equipment to be stowed at a place can be determined by the use of an appropriate adapter bracket. With this approach the modification of monuments is minimized. Also Pouches and Crash Axes with brackets are within the scope of our product range.