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The ‘Services’ portfolio includes base and line maintenance, MRO of cabin components as well as refurbishment and overhaul of cabin interior products. We also maintain AOG-support and aftermarket service including spare parts for customers.

Our Capabilities

Leveraging its expertise in aircraft products and its EASA Part 145/21J approval, E.I.S. Aircraft has been offering a complementary range of services for more than 15 years.

The strength of its ‘Services’ business lies in the ability to provide timely and efficient delivery at competitive prices. E.I.S. Aircraft performs maintenance tasks for commercial airline customers on several aircraft types:


  • Line Maintenance acc. EASA Part 145 A1 Rating
  • Base Maintenance acc. EASA Part 145 A1 Rating or on base of workpackages
  • Implementation of AD´s, SB´s and EO´s during on- or off-wing maintenance
  • FAL-support
  • Manufacturing of textile- and non-textile floor covering
  • Insulation on-site blankets within EASA Part 145 A1 Rating during customer maintenance events
  • Replacement of decor foils



  • Clean & Tag
  • Inspect & Repair as necessary
  • Complete overhaul
  • Recertify with EASA Form One
    (Dual Release for FAA)

Monuments (galleys, lavatories and stowages)

  • Repair acc. CMM
  • Recertify for off-lease aircrafts with EASA Form One (Dual release for FAA)
  • Development of repair solutions which are not specified in the related CMM

Floor-to-floor (bins, sidewall panels and ceiling panels)

  • Repair
  • Colour change
  • Refurbishment

Galley inserts

  • Repair of coffeemakers, espressomakers, ovens


  • LOPA changes
  • Design & colour change
  • New upholstery for seats including all relevant tests e. g. oil burn test, flame & tox test