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In our business unit ‘Products’ we offer a wide range of cabin interior products like window frames, stowages, class dividers, curtain systems and crew rest arrangements in various types of materials, such as injection-molded plastic, composite, metal or fabric.

Our Capabilities

Our business unit ‘Products’ focuses on highly engineered added value products that require comprehensive design and production know-how in order to meet the necessary rigorous quality standards and attain the certifications mandated by the OEM’s and regulatory authorities.

Furthermore, ‘Products’ is capable of producing innovative and specialized solutions for series production. The product portfolio comprises a number of different cabin interior components for all aircraft types:


Cabin Interior Components
■ Dado Panels
■ Window Assemblies
■ Panels & Lids
■ Emergency Signs
■ Hinges & Latches

Seat Components
■ Tables
■ Armrests
■ IFE Bezels
Spreader Covers
■ Baggage for elbows

■ Electrical Brackets
■ Secondary Structures
■ Insulation Fixation

System Components
■ Air Distribution Components
■ Drainage Ducts
■ Harness Routing Structures


Cabin Divider
■ Partitions/Windscreens
■ Spaceframe Divider
■ Curtain Systems
■ Suspended Partitions/
■ Transparent Curtain
■ Crew Rest Compartments

Cabin Components
■ CAS Moving Adapter
■ Wardrobes
■ Bulkheads
■ Stowages/Doghouses
■ Literature Pockets/
■ Magazine Racks
■ Brand Panels

Emergency Equipment
■ Crow Bar/Crash Axes
■ Adapter-Plates
■ Pouches/Straps
■ Flight Kits

Program Management & Engineering

At the core of E.I.S. Aircraft interior product segment is our program management and engineering which is critical for the success of any product introduction and ongoing robust production. We continuously invest in the build up of our engineering department to ensure the necessary capacity in development. The program management proactively identifies and manages through life program risk and enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the processes to reduce costs for our customers while ensuring a timely and highest quality delivery.

Latching Unit

  • Exit Sign
  • Header-Panel
  • Stowage
  • Crash Axe
  • Stowage
  • Stiffener