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E.I.S. Group focuses on highly engineered added value products that require comprehensive design and production know-how in order to meet the necessary rigorous quality standards and attain the certifications mandated by the OEMs and regulatory authorities. In addition the company is one of the very few German suppliers authorized to design and approve new aviation products as a DOA holder. Furthermore, E.I.S. Group is capable of producing innovative, specialized solutions for series production.

The product portfolio comprises a number of different cabin interior components including, among others window frames, stowages, lightweight separations, PSU panels, class dividers and curtain headers for all Airbus programs i.e. A320, A330/340, A350, A380.


E.I.S. Group’s facilities in Euskirchen and Lemgo cover the comprehensive value chain from program management and design engineering, rapid prototyping, tooling,state-of-the-art testing, injection molding, composites manufacturing and finishing services (e.g. sewing, surface processing, assembling). Furthermore E.I.S. Group offers supply chain management and offshoring support.



At the core of E.I.S.’s solutions is its program management which is critical for the success of any product introduction and ongoing robust production. E.I.S. Group proactively identifies and manages through life program risk and enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the processes to reduce costs for the customer while ensuring a timely and highest quality delivery.

As the cabin is a critical contact point between passenger and airline, airlines are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves from competitors through innovative cabin design and configuration. The key trends are affording or creating the illusion of more space, better privacy and more pleasant ambiance to increase passenger comfort. E.I.S. Group is one of the very few companies holding all necessary certifications to realize such solutions. Therefore E.I.S. Group is allowed to design and engineer products fulfilling very strict regulatory requirements applying for airplane components.



Fast prototyping is a crucial phase in the product life cycle. E.I.S. Group’s experienced team covers all the required skills in prototyping, ensuring an efficient and effective design process. During the prototype phase E.I.S. Group can also optimize the manufacturability of the design. This results in a reduction of cost and time to market while receiving highest quality products for our customers.

E.I.S. Group maintains an own tool shops in its production facilities in order to control time to market for its customers. It also sources tools on- and offshore in Asia. The tools are produced with modern machines and technologies (including 5 axis CNC machines). Furthermore it has the ability to repair and maintain production injection molds directly in its facility to prevent operational downtime.



Thermoplastic injection molding is a core technology and capability of E.I.S. Group. The benefit of using thermoplastic materials in aerospace applications is the parity of their performance characteristics to metal, combined with a sizeable reduction in weight. These advantages are the drivers behind the increased replacement of metal parts, laminate composites and hybrid structures by injection-molded parts. E.I.S. possesses modern technologies and machines, such as various vertical and horizontal injection molding presses ranging from 30 to 650 tons of clamping force.

E.I.S. Group injection molding technologies include hybrid technology, gas injection technology (GIT), molding of high temperature plastics, molding of  reinforced plastics (carbon, glass steel, powder) and ultrasonic welding technology. E.I.S. Group supports its customers with its engineering expertise to assist with plastic part design including material selection, design for manufacturability, and tool selection to meet their time to market needs and long-term production requirements.



Composite manufacturing is a core competence for E.I.S. Group.  The company works with a range of fiber/resin materials including polyester, epoxy resin, glass, carbon and aramid fibers by using its comprehensive capabilities. E.I.S.’s autoclave can support parts up to 1 m in diameter and 3 m in length, with temperatures of up to 200 °C / 392 ° Fand pressure of 100 psi.

E.I.S. Group has the following capabilities

  • Autoclave molding
  • Compression molding
  • Adhesive bonding (metal-to-metal, composite-to-composite, hybrid in honeycomb sandwich)



E.I.S. Group has a range of in-house finishing services enabling it to provide finished parts and complete assemblies.  The company applies the same highly controlled processes to secondary operations and assemblies as it does in its own part manufacturing processes.

E.I.S. Group’s finishing services include:

  • Packaging and kitting
  • Assembling
  • Machining and trimming
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Painting
  • Sewing
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